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At Soul Garden, we know that mums spend most of their time and energy caring for their loved ones, and they tend to put their own needs last. We also know it’s important for mums to prioritise time for themselves but ‘mum guilt’ can often sneak in and they can be left feeling that their batteries need to be recharged, if only the charger hadn’t been hidden by their toddler in the babies washing!


We believe that by dedicating some regular time to themselves, mums can conquer feelings of sadness, overwhelm and at times, resentment by feeling that they are the one doing the juggling, they can boost their energy levels to feel a healthy life balance.

 If you're looking to improve your physical fitness, manage stress, get more sleep, have some time to yourself to recharge or cultivate a positive mindset, Soul Garden health and wellness coaching is here to support and provide expertise to guide you every step of the way. 

Through our personalised coaching sessions, you'll have the opportunity to explore all aspects of your life, identify areas for growth, and develop actionable strategies to achieve lasting results.​

Together, we’ll weed out the parts of your life that are not joyful to you, plant seeds for a positive mindset, feed your soul with achievements and guide you to grow to be the best version of yourself.  


Book in for your free initial consultation to discuss the impact that Soul Garden wellness coaching can have on your well-being.


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