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About Simone Gottsche

Simone, Michael and their daughter Myla posing in front of a floral backdrop

The founder of Soul Garden and an HCANZA Certified Health and Wellness Coach, I live in Richmond with my partner Michael, our fun loving daughter Myla, and Winnie the bulldog.

With 25 years working as a project manager I thought I had all the prerequisites for mum life, I'm organised, can manage different schedules and juggle projects but I really didn't expect family life to be so challenging in so many different ways.


Managing projects was easy compared to parenthood where every day is a new learning experience with new problems to solve, second guessing my gut instinct, listening to other mums stories and wondering if my child was going through leaps when she was 'meant to', wondering if she was teething yet, is her temperature worth going to the hospital for, stress stress stress and so much love for this tiny person who I was so responsible for!


Then came the return to work, choosing a daycare, the guilt of having someone else look after my child while I go and try to return to normal life, the guilt of being at work and really wanting to be home with my daughter who I'd waited 42 years to have. I was confused, unsettled, irritable and frustrated with life so I decided to take control of it and make some drastic changes.

My love of people and helping others became the catalyst for change in my life and I became a Pilates Instructor and then a Health and Wellness Coach which is where I belong. I feel balanced now, still definitely on a journey myself but the alternative is the end right and I'm a long way off wanting to be there!

So who am I? I am happy, friendly, relatable, committed and I am 100% dedicated to helping mums uncover their ultimate wellbeing vision and set achievable goals to improve their worth, health and wellness and to realise that in order to be the best for their family they must start with being the best for themselves.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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